The world of motorsport is complex, unforgiving and a difficult one to master. Learn how to get a foot in the door with Starting on Pole and begin the career of your dreams.

You’ll discover what motorsport is really like from the inside and take steps now to get yourself to the frontline of the industry. Covered in this book are the do’s and don’ts of surviving in the motorsport sector. You’ll learn tricks and tips that will help you thrive, and all those little secrets that you can’t learn in any other textbook.

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Author Derek Daly drew on his time as an F1 driver and broadcast television announcer to break down how and why the best drivers win consistently, on any team or track. Race to Win explains how and why legends like Sebastian Vettel, Jimmie Johnson, Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher and Mario Andretti maintained their dominance. This new edition has been updated with material on current drivers and new techniques. The book provides insight on race drivers and valuable coaching tools for upcoming drivers, team owners, managers or anyone who wants to excel in sport or life.

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Tune To Win

Carroll tells you all you need to know about vehicle dynamics with easy-to-find chapters and lots of helpful illustrations.

Drive To Win

After years of working with some of the greatest drivers in the world, Carroll explains how the best use their car to greater effect than the rest.

Prepare To Win

Professor Smith’s first paperback hit (with over 100,000 copies sold) has become the mechanic’s and engineer’s bible.

Engineer To Win

In his highly acclaimed guide-book, Carroll explains all the auto racer needs to know about materials technology—what to use and how to use it so it won’t break.

Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners and Plumbing Handbook

THE comprehensive text explaining what nuts, bolts, and fasteners to use, and for what purpose, when building and plumbing a race car.

Carroll Smith’s Engineer In Your Pocket

Once your team has read the rest, this laminated pocket book is a great summary for every racing engineer to have at the track.

Complete Set of Carroll’s Books

The cheapest way to the championship…




Making Sense of Squiggly Lines” lays the foundation of knowledge required to analyze the data recorded on a race car.  Its simple approach is perfect for beginners, while the author’s meticulous attention to the details and pitfals of data will improve even the experienced engineer.

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“Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be part of the pit crew during a crucial Formula 1 tyre change? Have you dreamt of what it must be like to be allowed inside the F1 paddock or inside one of the ultra-high technology factories that produces Formula 1 cars?

If you have then you are not alone. Formula 1 is full of glamorous, high octane thrills and anyone who has a passion for speed will understandably want to get close to the action. The danger, noise, speed and competition are an adrenaline buzz which makes a Grand Prix Sunday afternoon compulsive viewing for Formula 1 fans. Imagining yourself on the grid and taking part in the action is all part of the lure that makes the sport so attractive.”

New book available now;

Find out what really happens in the heat of a Formula One garage from McLaren’s former Number One mechanic.

In the high octane atmosphere of the Formula One pit lane, the spotlight is most often on the superstar drivers. And yet, without the technical knowledge, competitive determination and outright obsession from his garage of mechanics, no driver could possibly hope to claim a spot on the podium. These are the guys who make every World Champion, and any mistakes can have critical consequences.

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Who Works in Formula One – 2017


28th year of publication


Book – Mobile App – e-Book

The most cost effective, unique, helpful and yearly updated B2B publication to get easy and accurate access to companies and individuals within the Formula One business worldwide, with a direct link to the Formula One community, thanks to more than 2,300 names with positions and 300 companies.

Teams, drivers, cars, engines, key people, sponsors & suppliers, marketing, PR & Press Officers, Media, Grand Prix, Officials, with portrait pictures, bios, logos, names, positions, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter are listed and reachable in one click from your smartphone, tablet or computer

You can make your own choice from the regular printed book, the mobile application for smartphones when travelling or the online computer access for your office work.

660 pages, 3500 colour pictures


Who Works in Motorsports – 2017

13th year of publication


Mobile App – e-Book

100% Digital

The only “all in one” guide gathering all the information about the major players in the key Motorsport Championships and International Series, Worldwide: DTM, Formula Renault Eurocup, Formula One, GP2, IndyCar, NASCAR, V8 Supercars, WEC, WRC, WSC and WTCC.

The most cost effective, complete and yearly updated B2B publication to get easy and accurate access to companies and individuals within the motorsport business worldwide, thanks to direct links to more than 5000  names and positions within 700 companies : Find decision makers with names, positions, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail address, social media and portrait pictures, logos, among the teams, drivers, cars, engines, key people, sponsors & suppliers, marketing, PR & Press Officers, Media, race tracks and rallies, series officials.

Our 2017 options are adapted to your needs and complementary, the mobile application for smartphones when travelling and the computer online access for your office work.


RACE TECH was created in 1995 to monitor technology, investigate technical solutions and explain engineering applications when they appeared on a racing car.

This is a guiding principle that hasn’t changed.

From the publishers of RACE TECH magazine, Track Car Performance is a brand new international title, one that reflects the growing interest in tracks days, club motorsport and Time Attack.

Written and edited by RACE TECH’s Editor-in-Chief  William Kimberley with articles from former Track Driver Editors Mark Hales and Carl Owen,  it focuses on how to make your cars more competitive and what to look for when kitting them out. The magazine will appeal to everyone from the person who just wants to take their car to the track for a bit of fun to the high-end track car owner who all have the same mission in mind – and that is to go as fast as possible along a given piece of track. • Track Day Drivers • Club Racers • Professional Drivers • Online Racing Enthusiasts • Engineers • Motorsport Enthusiasts.

Everything from the hardware such as dampers and turbos, induction kits and tuned exhausts, tyres and brakes, to items like helmets, gloves and race suits will all be covered as will hints and advice on driving techniques. It will also contain everything you need to know to convert your road car into a race car, items like the roll cage and seat belts, extinguishers and trackside equipment such as video systems and lap timers and how to test your car on a rolling road.

Track Car Performance is therefore the one-stop publication for all those involved in this area of performance driving, from the drivers, to the suppliers, the track day operators and the equipment and service suppliers.


The only magazine that looks at today’s technology in yesterday’s cars, focusing focus on the challenges and opportunities of running historic racing cars in the modern era.

Historic Racing Technology from the publishers of Race Tech magazine has quickly carved out for itself a special following as it is the only engineering-led technology magazine that brings a unique perspective to the business of restoring, preparing and maintaining historic competition cars in the 21st century.

Where Historic Racing Technology differs from existing titles is a clear focus on the challenges and opportunities of running these cars in the modern era. Historic racing specialists are increasingly blending modern methods and traditional techniques so that it’s now possible to produce authentic parts with an unprecedented level of accuracy. In some cases this goes a step further, re-engineering aspects of the car to deliver improved safety or reliability … and sometimes performance.

Featuring in-depth technical articles from some of the industry’s most experienced journalists and engineers, Historic Racing Technology is dedicated to the classic motorsport scene across the globe. It takes a fresh new approach, looking at the future of historic motorsport as well as the past.

For further information, please contact William Kimberley, Editor on +44 (0) 20 8446 2100 or email